Electrial System

battery doctor.JPG

Batteries: (2) 220Ah 6V deep cycle sealed lead acid AGM wired in series.

  • Double 6 volts in series are far superior over double 12’s in parallel. Since the double 6 volt series circuit keeps each battery perfectly “level” with one another, the battery charge cycles can achieve 3 times the number to that of a double 12 parallel circuit.
  • Don’t use flooded lead acid if you are placing inside…they will leak and you will smell them.
  • Lithium Ion is great if you are tight on space as they have a higher energy density than AGM. Just be prepared to pay a little extra

                    Charger: 100A Battery Doctor Isolator

Battery Doctor 100A Isolator: A battery isolator is an “ok” method of charging batteries. It simply exposes the house batteries to the vehicle alternator voltage of about 14V. This will charge AGM batteries to about 80%. To effectively charge to 100%, a solar charge controller or a smart battery charger will do the trick. We do not have solar currently but plan to once we get a rack. With that said, the battery isolator has worked great so far. The batteries consistently achieve 12.6V after driving and we have not come close to running low on charge.

xantrex prowatt.JPG


Inverter: Xantrex 2000 Watt PROwatt pure sine wave inverter.

  • If you are powering sensitive equipment like laptops, camera equipment, or anything you care about, I would suggest a true/pure sine over a modified sine wave inverter. The Xantrex powers our Vitamix well (1400 watts) and is relatively efficient.

Fridge: Isotherm Cruise 65

  • Isotherm Cruise 65: we are really happy with this fridge. It keeps everything ice cold and draws only 2.5A. Extremely efficient and quiet fridge.

Lighting: Acegoo Surface Mount LED Ceiling lights

For efficiency reasons, everything that can be 12v should be 12v. Lighting could be a big power draw if done incorrectly. We have 8 dimmable 2W small LED puck lights that more than illuminate the interior. This extremely efficient method allows us to light the entire van while pulling about 1 Amp. They are controlled by touch screen 12V LED dimmers.

Wiring Diagram