Layer 1: Rattletrap sound dampener. We covered every square inch of the floor, ceiling and walls with Rattletrap. It rolls on easily, as one side is a tar-like adhesive. In total, we used 200 square feet. This stuff really works! Prior to installing it, we could not talk to people on our phone via the overhead Bluetooth--- because of all the noise. After we installed it, highway speeds were more enjoyable.

Layer 2: Wool Insulation… that’s right….wool!

We used wool because of its moisture wicking properties. It also has a better R value than denim. We ordered 4 rolls of 24” R13 from Eco Building Products. Greg Kindig talked us through the whole process!


Layer 3: Reflectix moisture barrier

Moisture barriers seem to be a highly debated concept for van conversions. We decided to install a Reflectix barrier for additional insulation.


Layer 4: Birch plywood

We used .25” Birch plywood to cover the entire van prior to installing cabinetry. The plywood is fastened to the subframe using self tapping screws. None of the cabinetry relies on the Birch plywood wall for support. Below is a sweet pic of me installing one of the walls...(note the muscles).